New OnePlus Phone Appears to be Introduced as ‘OnePlus Nord’


It is said that OnePlus, which has always been faced with phones in the flagship segment, is currently working on a middle-upper segment phone. It is claimed that the new phone, which is claimed to come with the name OnePlus Z, will be introduced with the name OnePlus Nord.

When claims about OnePlus’s upcoming mid-level phone first appeared, it was said that it would be called “OnePlus 8 Lite”. However, later developments revealed that the device in question would be called OnePlus Z.

Many people accepted the name OnePlus Z and started to wait on the day the device would be introduced with this name, a new claim about the name of the device was made. Accordingly, the smartphone, which is expected to be introduced as OnePlus Z, will come as OnePlus Nord.

Mid-level OnePlus model may come with a Nord jewelry instead of Z

Perhaps the most striking aspect of the claims about OnePlus Nord is that it is supported by Max J. and PhoneArena, who are known for their consistent leaks. So probably OnePlus will really offer the OnePlus Z model to consumers as OnePlus Nord, even if it changes its name.

OnePlus registered the Nord name in European Union countries and India with its initiatives in April. However, no product with this name has been introduced so far. As such, the idea that the name Nord would be used on the new phone began to outweigh.

Nord is not a randomly chosen name

The word Nord, which OnePlus has chosen for the name of its new smartphone, means ‘north’ in many European languages, and more importantly, this name is used mostly in luxury products. Therefore, we can say that OnePlus does not choose this name randomly.


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