New Olympikus Running Shoe Has Graphene Plate


Olympikus presented a curious new model of running shoes for the Brazilian market: a pair of shoes that have a graphene plate. The model is Corre Grapheno and uses technologies and raw materials fully developed in Brazil, in addition to having processes 100% based on clean energy, reinforcing the brand’s sustainability proposals.

The graphene in question is located on the propulsion plate and improves the runner’s performance by promoting the so-called trampoline effect, absorbing the impact of the foot with the floor and facilitating the impulsion for the continuity of leg movement without expending so much energy.

This flexible, multi-purpose material has been a promise for years, but practical applications are increasingly common — among other fields, it can revolutionize industries such as construction, power generation and even electronics.

The shoe also has technologies such as ELEVA, which increases comfort and durability in the EVA sole, and a non-slip rubber Gripper.