New Nike sneakers inspired by retro games


The famous brand of accessories and sportswear presents a new model of sports with the so-called Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage. Nike, the famous brand of sports clothing and accessories, has presented a new model of sneakers inspired by retro video games and aesthetics from the late 70s with the so-called Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage.

Although they do not refer to any specific video game or franchise, they do allude to the time of the first commercial video games with various retro details directly related to the medium.

Pixelated references everywhere

Thus, under an aesthetic that seems to be taken out of the vintage universe of games such as Space Invaders, Pong or Centipede, these new sports shoes directly target the hearts of lovers of retro video games through numerous details.

Retro winks such as the brand’s own logo on the sides, fully pixelated, a pixelated heart that adorns the back of one of the sneakers or gradient soles that evoke the neon lighting of the arcades of the time. There is also the mythical phrase of the Nike seventies “Have a Nike Day”, converted in this case to “Have a Good Game”.

But the surprises do not end there, since in the dark they reveal a fluorescent pattern that extends over the entire white surface of the shoes with the classic Nike logo and the slogan “Just Do It”. A whole piece of collecting that fans of retro and classic video games will not want to lose sight of.

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The new Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage is slated to go on sale sometime next fall on a date yet to be set; They also have no advertised price, although it is to be expected that an edition as special as the one in question is not particularly cheap.

We recently learned about other accessories from sports brands based on video games, such as the new Pokémon-inspired Adidas collection.


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