New news from Trump who was hospitalized!


Sean Conley, doctor of US President Donald Trump, who tested positive for the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), informed the President of the United States that drug treatment has begun.

In a statement about Trump’s health, Doctor Conley stated that after discussions with experts at Walter Reed Military Hospital and Johns Hopkins University, he recommended that Trump be taken to Walter Reed Military Hospital.

“I’m happy to report that the President is very good,” Conley said. used the expression.

Emphasizing that Trump does not need oxygen supplements, Conley said that he deemed it appropriate to start drug therapy as a result of his meetings with experts.

Conley shared the information that Trump, who was administered the first dose of “Remdesivir”, was relaxed.


Trump, who caught Kovid-19, reported that he was getting better.

Trump posted on his Twitter account, “I think I’m doing well. Thank you everyone. Love.” used the expressions.


US President Trump said in a statement on Twitter, “Tonight our First Lady and my Kovid-19 test were positive. We will start the quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will overcome this process together.” he used the expressions.

In a written statement from the White House, the official statement of Trump’s doctor Sean Conley about the tests in question was shared.

In the statement, Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, were informed that the latest Kovid-19 tests were positive, “Currently, both the President and the First Lady are in good shape and they will both stay at home in the White House during the recovery process.” statements were included.

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Trump recently announced that one of his consultants, Hope Hicks, will start the quarantine process after his Kovid-19 test is positive.

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