New network of electrophores will connect SP, PR, MG


EDP ​​Smart today announced (21) its new network of chargers for electric cars, also known as “electropostos”, which will have 30 locations spread across Brazil. With this, the company hopes to connect the states of São Paulo, Paraná, Minas Gerais and Brasília through strategic routes. The coast and the interior of São Paulo will also have corridors with stations for electric cars.

This new network has as partners the VW Group’s brands in Brazil, such as Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi, and has the potential to allow long carbon-free travel in Brazil. This is because, connecting its network from São Paulo to Curitiba, users of the electrophores will then be able to travel to the South of Brazil with the structure that already exists in the region, which includes BR-227, currently the largest “electrovia” in Brazil.

EDP ​​Smart’s first charging point is installed in Caraguatatuba, on the north coast of São Paulo. Like all 29 other electrophores, this one has a fast charger and an ultra-fast one. However, at each station it will be possible to load only up to 3 cars at the same time.

Users of EDP Smart’s electrophores will be able to remotely monitor the status of their vehicles’ recharge by cell phone. However, the network’s first electropost is in the parking lot of a shopping mall, which can limit access for people who simply want to load their car on the way to another place. EDP ​​Smart claims that the electropost is accessible 24 hours a day.


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