New Netflix Shuffle Play button: What is it for?


“Netflix, what am I watching today?” So in plan as if you asked Alexa or Google we planted ourselves a few days in front of Netflix, the most popular of the VOD platforms. And it is that sometimes we do not know what to see, and we prefer that they recommend things to us. For this reason, Netflix has created a new button that you may have seen when opening the platform: The Shuffle Play button. But what exactly is this new feature for?

Netflix Shuffle Play, what to watch today

If you don’t really want to think and choose something, just press the Shuffle Play button and you will have Netflix recommend things randomly, with the advantage of being based on your tastes -the platform analyzes your playlists for it. Shuffle Play can recommend:

– A movie that you started to see and left half

– A series of which you have pending chapters

– Contents that you have saved in your list

– A cut title similar to what you normally see

According to Netflix has explained to Techcrunch, the idea behind the function is to help a user to “quickly and easily find the content that suits their tastes”. The new ‘Shuffle Play’ button is the result of tests done with other functions in recent months. Last year for example, Netflix tested a random mode that allows you to click on a popular show to start playing a random episode.

User response

The function has been deployed since last month, although under the ‘test’ format and only for a limited number of users. Shuffle Play is currently only for the TV version of the service, and is not available in the mobile application. What we do not know is when the function will be released generally for everyone, since Netflix has yet to analyze user feedback.

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