New Need For Speed Game Shown For The First Time With Its Gorgeous Graphics


In the EA Play Live event held the other day, the new Need For Speed ​​game came out for the first time with its magnificent graphics. The game is developed by Criterion, which is part of Electronic Arts.

The legendary racing game series Need For Speed, which we have seen a new game since 1994, continues to evolve with new technologies. Developed by various studios so far, the series is supported by almost every platform that can be played today.

So what’s the next game in Need For Speed ​​going to be? We learned the answer to this in the EA Play Live June 2020 event held last night. The company has released a very brief introduction from the new Need For Speed ​​game. The company that will develop the game was also announced at the event.

New Need For Speed ​​game:

As always, the next Need For Speed ​​game, which will be broadcast by Electronic Arts, will be developed by the experienced studio Criterion. Criterion, which is part of Electronic Arts, has previously appeared in Need For Speed: Most Wanted (2012) and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, as well as Burnout Paradise and Star Wars.

Both Need For Speed ​​games that Criterion previously developed had a lot of echo in the time. The new Need For Speed ​​game, which the developer company is working on and whose name is not yet known, was also shown in a very small way at the EA Play Live event.

Although the new Need For Speed ​​game only appeared for a few seconds, the game was proven to come with extremely good graphics. Because the vehicles seen in the video are not produced in the real world. These vehicles are included in a game. So the images above are from a game.

Although we never know what gameplay or story the next Need For Speed ​​game will have, we can say that this game will again create expectations. The game can only sound with its graphics in the Need For Speed ​​series, which already has millions of fans.

Introducing Need For Speed ​​2021:


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