New Naturalist trade now available on Red Dead Online


Rockstar Games presents the news of the latest update of the online aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 with a new class, discounts and more.

Rockstar Games has presented the news of this summer’s big update for Red Dead Online, the popular multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2, now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Thus, this new batch of content includes a new trade with the Naturalist, in addition to new characters, animals, clothing and even a camera, in addition to other novelties at a playable level.

Naturalist now available on Red Dead Online

Thus, the main novelty of this new update is the arrival of the new profession of Naturalista, a new class focused on the wildest side of Red Dead Online and capable of tracking animals in the wild to study them, in addition to being able to hunt them only for reasons study. The new role of Naturalist will work closely with conservationist Harriet Davenport, in order to catalog all the animal species in the title.

Legendary animals

In addition, along with the Naturalist trade update, the legendary Rockstar game campaign animals arrive for the first time in Red Dead Online, in addition to new missions, items, tonics, weapons and abilities, all to track the maximum guarantees new wild animals in their rarer versions.

On the other hand, as Naturalists we can also work for the hunter Gus Macmillan, with whom we can obtain notions about how to get the best quality clothing and accessories from the hides of the hunted animals. But be careful, by working for one of the two new characters, you will create a conflict with the other; Play your cards well!

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Advanced camera, weapons and free mode

The new advanced camera, available from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalog, is ideal for photography lovers with a keen eye for detail and will help you better study animals. It is more comfortable to wear and has a number of improved features, including a set of filters. There are also new weapons, such as an improved customizable bow and the elephant rifle, designed to shoot down especially large animals.

New Naturalist trade now available on Red Dead Online: all the news

Outlaw Pass 3

Along with this new update, the new Outlaw Pass 3 is added, both in a paid and free version, with which we can get great news and extra content. Earn up to 40 Gold Bars and a variety of offers and rewards, including access to special outfits, weapon modifications, camp upgrades, and more. The new Outlaw Pass includes 80 levels to unlock and is available until October 19.

Additional updates

On your Freemode adventures you will meet all kinds of people, like other hunters who track prey. Some of them will ask you for help or they may have suffered a fate as a consequence of their actions. Be on the lookout for crashed cars on the roads as they may contain abandoned valuables.

Naturalist also includes new daily challenges, both general and role specific, as well as new prizes, a collection of new clothes, hairstyles and hair accessories, more gestures, the ability to store cooked dishes on your item dial and much more. . Additionally, a gunsmith has been added to the Story Mode camp, allowing Arthur to remove weapons of his choice from the weapons dial.


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