New MultiVersus Characters revealed in advance


It’s no secret that MultiVersus has a unique and somewhat strange composition. Combining characters from TV series, movies and games owned by Warner Bros., MultiVersus offers a range of characters with whom the gamer will not necessarily fight together or against each other. The fact that Tom and Jerry will fight Ultra Instinct Shaggy in Multiverse is something that people wouldn’t be able to experience in another game without serious modding. Despite the fact that there are currently 17 characters available in the game, MultiVersus fans are constantly looking for new additions to the list.

Recently, the game director of MultiVersus took to Twitter to let fans know when they can next take a look at some new characters for the game. According to Tony Huin, fans could expect to see the new Multiverse fighters teasing on the login screen at the launch of the first season. However, although this login screen will be seen by all fans on August 15, some noticed it earlier and revealed new characters that will appear in Multiverse.

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New additions to the Multiverse list are Stripe from the Gremlins franchise and Black Adam from DC Comics. Considering that Dwayne Johnson’s film “Black Adam” is due out in October, it makes sense that the antihero will be added to the incredibly popular Multiverse around then or perhaps before the film’s release. The strip has a slightly less obvious meaning, but fans have noticed that the Gremlins character appears in Multiverse in previous leaks for the game, so it’s not exactly an unexpected addition.

Some hoped that Gizmo would be a character from Gremlins, and datamine even assumed that this was the case. It’s still possible that Gizmo could appear in Multiverse, but perhaps as a cosmetic skin for Stripe rather than as a completely different character. There is currently no news on when these characters will be available to play or how they will be unlocked. Given the hype surrounding the new MultiVersus battle pass, it’s possible that these characters could be added as later rewards for it.

It is also possible that they will just be added naturally to buy for gold or glimium later. At the moment, fans already have another pair of characters to look forward to with the addition of Rick and Morty to Multiverse. Since Morty is coming next week and Rick is likely to be added soon after, fans will have to wait until these releases take place before they can expect the release of “Black Adam” and “Streak.”

MultiVersus is already available in open beta on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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