New Movie Cryptopia Describes Bitcoin and Blockchain


Lights. Crypto. Bitcoin.

Maybe you are looking at your bank account, wondering how to get more free cash from your government account. Or maybe you’re tiring your brain to understand digital currencies that need to change the world by reinventing money.

If you’re looking for a narrative that can turn all the Bitcoin babies you hear into digestible bases for normal people, Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains and the Future of the Internet can be an ideal choice for you. The online documentary tells the world’s leading digital currency in a way everyone can understand.

Describes Bitcoin in Detail
Filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann prepared industry by meeting industry leaders who shed light on Bitcoin. The documentary connects the audience with 3D animations describing Bitcoin, explaining how the currency works and why it’s more than a dollar bill. Originally launched in Australia in January, Cryptopia can now be watched in other countries with pay-per-view.


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