New move for Samsung Fan Edition


Samsung continues to bring new devices to users. Galaxy S20 FE, the new member of the S20 family, was introduced yesterday. After that, details for the Galaxy S21 series appeared shortly after. When it comes to smartphones, Samsung is not afraid to get used to it and launches new phones. In addition, a new decision may have been taken for the popular Samsung Fan Edition models.

Samsung Fan Edition models may appear more

As you know, Fan Editions come for a limited number of phones. Samsung plans to offer more flagship phones under the “Fan Edition” signature in the future. The news in question comes after the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition was released this week.

So which was Samsung’s first Fan Edition phone? Samsung released the Galaxy Note 7, which came to the fore with battery problems in 2017, as Fan Edition. This was a first. Later, he continued this trend with some flagship models. Recently released this version for Samsung Galaxy S20. The phone looked like the one below.


At this point, it is quite possible to expect a new Fan Editon after the Samsung Galaxy S30 after about 6 months.


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