New move for Apple from the European Union


A new one is added to the European Union problems of Apple, which is one of the first companies to come to mind when it comes to security and privacy. The European Union is preparing to enact a new law on Apple NFC technology.

European Union to legislate for Apple NFC technology

Apple has announced that it restricts NFC access for security reasons and that many of its customers have adopted the ease of use provided by the company. After the law enacted by Germany last year, the European Union has now come up with a new law.

Avrupa Birliği, Apple NFC için yasa çıkarıyor

Many analysts have long stated that Apple will expand its NFC feature beyond Apple Pay, but the company has yet to take a radical step forward. However, as a result of the decision taken by Germany last year, Apple will have to open the NFC feature to its competitors for a reasonable fee.

After this precedent decision, the European Commission announced that they started work on a law that will come into force in 27 countries. With the law expected to enter into force in 2022, companies that restrict product features, especially Apple, await a difficult process.

“Technology companies providing financial services need to see more control,” said Markus Ferber, a member of the European Parliament. Although the new rules are delayed, we aim to make decisions that will benefit companies and end users alike. “He used expressions.

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