New move for ad sales from Twitch


Twitch is allegedly testing its publisher scoring system to facilitate ad sales.

Twitch seems to be working with a program that automatically rates broadcasters based on a number of factors (including age, suspension history, and affiliate status) to match advertisers.

Cyber ​​security student discovered the new system

The new system, named Twitch Brand Security Score, was discovered on Twitch’s internal API by cyber security student Daylam Tayari. Tayari also posted pictures of the change log on Twitter.

Engadget contacted a Twitch spokesperson on the issue. However, the spokesperson could not confirm the existence of the Brand Safety Score, but said;

“We are exploring ways to improve the Twitch experience for viewers and creators, including efforts to better match eligible ads with the right communities. User privacy is very important to Twitch, and while we improve this process, we will not follow any plans for it. Nothing has been started yet, no personal information has been shared. We will keep our community informed of any updates. “

According to Tayari, Twitch Brand Safety Score will rate streamers based on their age, suspension history, affiliation with Twitch, partnership status, whether they use automatic mode, and whether a stream is set up. There is also an additional section on the system for a Twitch employee to add manual ratings.

According to the statement, Brand Safety Score is similar to the ad rating systems currently used by sites such as YouTube and Twitter.


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