New Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch


According to information published by insider Dusk Golem, Capcom is about to announce a new game from the Monster Hunter franchise for the Nintendo Switch. With a single entry in the saga on the hybrid console being Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the Monster Hunter XX remaster released in 2017, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting the unveiling of an action game title on the Switch.

Through a post published on his Twitter, Dusk Golem stated that the new Monster Hunter game is being developed using the graphics engine RE Engine, the same one that brought Resident Evil 7 and Devil May Cry 5, now adapted to the hardware of the Nintendo Switch.

Thus, everything indicates that Capcom may be abandoning the outdated version of the MT Framework that was used to produce Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Monster Hunter: World, giving way to a more modern engine and fully capable of adapting a franchise with a visual more photorealistic and unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Without the possibility of Capcom porting Monster Hunter: World to Nintendo’s consoles, as the publisher had already explained and reiterated several times, the hope remains due to rumors about the company’s new plans, leading to believe that the Switch is still being widely targeted as a platform with a lot of potential.


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