New models added to Samsung’s huge TV series The Wall TV series


South Korean technology manufacturer Samsung, announced at the CES 2020 event, announced the addition of new television models called The Wall TV announced.

Technology manufacturer Samsung is introducing new technologies at the CES 2020 event, while announcing new models added to its existing products. One of them is The Wall TV series, which has huge spells.

Prices not yet announced
Samsung announced the addition of new models to the ultra-luxurious The Wall TV series. In addition to the previously available 75, 146, 219 and 292-inch options, the company announced that the 88, 93, 110 and 150-inch models will be available, while consumers who love giant screens will now have more options. With MicroLED technology, The Wall TV series television models have the same capabilities as OLED technology, such as true black and per-pixel illumination, without the problems of pixel burns.

The Wall TV models are very stylish with backlighting and modular design. However, we can say that they will be at the price of a latest model car. Samsung is expected to enlighten consumers about the price tags that will be on hand in the coming days.


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