A New Mode Brings GTA Vice City Map to GTA 5


Mod developer Lunchxbles has released version 1.0 of Vice Cry Remastered mode for GTA 5. GTA: Designed for those who want to experience the legend of Vice City in GTA5, the mod brings nostalgia to the present day.

If you miss the view of GTA Vice City from Miami, Vice Cry Remastered mode is for you. The storm-blowing game of an era comes to life again in GTA 5. Vice Cry Remastered mode adds a few new missions to the game by adapting the Vice City map to the GTA 5.

This DLC-sized mode includes everything from Vice City interiors to roadmaps, various buildings to 3D neon style. The mode also brings new models, textures, various graphic adjustments, cars, special groups and regions, special scenarios, and more to the GTA 5. Lunchxbles’s Vice Cry Remastered mode is quite impressive, as you can see in the video below. In fact, Vice City has never looked so good.

gta vice city vice cry remastered modu
The video also shows several landscapes from the city. Palm trees, neon lights and beaches look amazing with GTA 5 technology. Finally, with the addition of Tommy Vercetti, nostalgia is completed. At Vice Cry Remastered, everything from landscapes at different times of the day to rainstorms is designed to be eye-catching. PC players can download Vice Cry Remastered at gta5-mods.com.

Vice Cry Remastered video bringing Vice City map to GTA 5:

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