New Mobile Game Encouraging Children to Brush Teeth: Pokemon Smile


Pokemon Company, the publisher company of Pokemon Go, is now a child-friendly Pokemon game. The new model game called Pokemon Smile encourages children to brush their teeth.

The developers of Pokemon Go finally came up with a Pokemon game for children. Published by Pokemon Company, Pokemon Smile aims to encourage children to brush their teeth regularly.

Children who use Pokemon Smile, which is published for free, should brush their teeth as specified in the game. Because children can catch Pokemon only when they brush their teeth as specified.

Pokemon Smile, which tries to gain the habit of brushing your teeth with an activity that your kids will love, looks quite interesting for parents. Parents who want to give their children the habit of brushing teeth will not neglect to get help from the game.

Pokemon Smile can be downloaded from the link here for Android devices and the application page from here link for iOS devices.

Published release of Pokemon Smile:


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