New mobile application for corona virus information


Preventing false information about the Corona virus from reaching more people comes across the World Health Organization mobile application.

The World Health Organization (WHO) keeps its website up to date due to the Corona virus pandemic. World Health Organization, which wants to prevent access to wrong information about the epidemic, will soon open a mobile application about COVID-19 for users with Android and iOS operating systems.

With the World Health Organization mobile app, Corona is facing the virus
As you know, wrong information and news spreading from the epidemic can fuel the panic environment. Therefore, the World Health Organization aims to introduce a new public information application for COVID-19 to users soon.

In addition to the mobile application, there will also be an internet version, and the application will contain many details from verified news to informative content.

The new application to be launched under the name WHO MyHealth is the product of a team of volunteer experts. The app’s developer team says it is made up of Google experts and former Google and Microsoft employees, as well as ambassadors.

The application seems to come to the mobile side soon. In addition, the application will be open to development as it is created as open source.WHO MyHealth will interact with other applications such as Google Maps, allowing users to check the diagnostic status, while at the same time enabling them to access the disease spreading map.

Although the application is still being developed for now, you can voluntarily participate in this development phase. The implementation in question is planned to occur soon.

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