New mini bluetooth keyboard from Xiaomi!


Although Xiaomi is more confronted with its mobile devices, it continues to produce and offer products in different categories. The new Xiaomi mini keyboard MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth is introduced. Here are its features and price!

The new Xiaomi mini keyboard MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth is introduced!
While the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect our lives, technology companies have also been greatly affected. One of the companies that introduced new products to users with online launches and promotions was Xiaomi today. The new Xiaomi MIIIW Air 85 Blutooth dual-mode mini keyboard is introduced online.

As the name suggests, the keyboard that comes across as a mini comes with 85 keys placed in a beautiful layout. The device has soft edges and 7.8 mm thickness, while the button buttons appear round.

The new MIIIW keyboard has a height of 8 degrees that raises the back base slightly to make typing easier and reduce finger fatigue. The letters on the keyboard are engraved using laser technology and made more noticeable.

The keyboard supports dual mode connection wirelessly. Thanks to this, you can connect your device with Bluetooth as well as a special USB wireless receiver. You can now easily switch between the two connection modes, as special buttons are placed for switching.

It also has a special button to change the operating system on the keyboard, which supports Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS. The MIIIW Air 85 Bluetooth dual-mode mini keyboard will be available in black and pink colors and will be available with a $ 22 price tag.


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