New Midnight Club Images Reveal the Roles of Mike Flanagan’s Regular Customers


Netflix has released a new cache of images from Mike Flanagan’s upcoming series “Midnight Club.” The series, based on the work of a young screenwriter of adult horror films Christopher Pike, will debut this fall, and some of Flanagan’s favorite characters from past projects will play new roles.

Photos on the Netflix Twitter account show Flanagan’s favorites Rahul Kohli, Samantha Sloyan and Zach Guilford at The Midnight Club. If you remember, Guilford played the main character Riley Flynn in Midnight Mass, the prodigal son of a sleepy seaside town who struggles both with his own faith and the possibility that the whole city could be overrun by vampires. In the same Netflix show, Kohli and Sloyan played excellent rivals Sheriff Hassan and the villainess of the church mouse Bev Keen.

Director Flanagan, known for his previous works for Netflix, such as “House on Ghost Hill,” “The Ghosts of Bligh Manner” and last year’s hit “Midnight Mass,” is known for repeatedly using the same names in many of his projects. The Midnight Club is no different: some fan-favorite parts are moving into completely new parts. Sloyan, who also had a small role in “Ghosts of the House on the Hill,” is particularly noteworthy because her role as Bev Keen in “Midnight Mass” positioned her as one of the most disturbing villains ever to exist in the Flanagan project. Kohli is also nice to see again after a previous appearance in The Haunting of Bly Manner. All three actors, according to IMDB, are scheduled to appear in Flanagan’s other upcoming Netflix project, “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

Midnight Club is centered around a group of teenagers living in the Brightcliffe Hospice, an institution for the terminally ill. A group of them vows to meet every night at midnight to tell scary stories, putting on a show as part of an anthology that is sure to be terrifying. Strange things begin to happen in the hospital itself after the death of one of its own.

With their amazing performance in “Midnight Mass,” there’s no doubt that both old and new fans will love seeing these actors in their new roles in “Midnight Club.” Flanagan has a talent for excellent casting and excellent acting of his actors. Given past roles, fans can only assume that these three will bring their best performance to the new series again.

Midnight Club begins streaming on Netflix on October 7, 2022.


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