New Microsoft Flight Simulator update sets eyes on Japan


The game will add detailed locations of the Land of the Rising Sun, as demonstrated by the new official trailer.

A look from the sky. That is what Microsoft Flight Simulator proposes, a complete simulator that allows players to feel like a real pilot. Flying over the clouds, one discovers the details of the planet’s impressive locations. However, the controls and indicators must also be taken into account to complete the flight in complete safety. Now, thanks to a new update, players will be able to enjoy improved Japanese scenarios, something that has been announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 and that has been shown in a trailer, which you can see below these lines.

The patch adds iconic locations to the base game, so you won’t have to pay a single additional euro. Among the places they have faithfully reproduced is Mount Fuji, the highest mountain (volcano) in Japan. In addition, there will also be Yokohama, Kushiro Airport, Itsukushima Temple and the country’s capital, the city of contrasts, Tokyo. All these locations have been captured by Microsoft’s 3D photopolymetry technology

Microsoft Flight Simulator is also planned for PC

Although the Asobo title was originally released on compatible (also on Xbox Game Pass for PC), the team is already working on a port for Xbox consoles. In the study they are convinced that the version they bring to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will rise to the occasion: “We are very confident that the simulator will be as impressive on Xbox as on PC. Some things could be even better, ”he says. “When it comes to the controller, our intention is to provide a great experience using whatever control method you may have, so that you can enjoy the experience with a traditional controller as well as with keyboard and mouse.” And he adds: “We will share more with you about the version of the simulator on Xbox as we get closer to launch.”

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