New Microsoft Flight Simulator to Offer Multiplayer Support


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will offer players a realistic flight experience than ever before. The new game in the flight simulation series will include multiplayer features in a shared world.

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator game that flight simulator lovers have been waiting for years will come this year. Microsoft Flight Simulator will offer many innovations such as photorealistic graphics, live flight traffic and weather data.

Developing the next game of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the team shared a video about 7 minutes, mentioning the online features. The main mode will offer players a shared environment where everyone is in the same world in Flight Simulator. In the absence of players in air traffic, artificial intelligence will take over.

Players will need to turn on real-time weather to play in this mode, but you can turn off real-time air traffic if you want. You will also be able to create groups with other players or play alone in Microsoft Flight Simulator. The group leader will determine the time, weather and other settings, but only the people in the group will experience the settings.

The developers say the game can bring together hundreds of thousands of planes at the same time, and the servers will send real air traffic data to the players at their location. How many planes you will see will vary depending on the power of your PC and player names will be visible on the planes.

Multiplayer support of Microsoft Flight Simulator


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