New Mercedes SL AMG photos released


The company recently published 2021 S-Class cockpit images. Camouflage photos of the new Mercedes SL AMG model have been released. The model developed on the same platform as the AMG GT will not contain similar features in design.

New Mercedes SL AMG photos released

The company did not share any information as the new model is still under development. Authorities said, “After extensive digital development, test stand studies and simulator trials, it has passed the comprehensive dynamic test phase. “He used expressions.

Yeni Mercedes SL AMG fotoğrafları

Although the technical specifications are not yet clear, the new model is expected to be powered by the 3.0-liter EQ-Boost I6 engine or the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. It is also rumored that the new model will be launched as a hybrid to suit the trends.

Seen as a rival to the Audi R8 Spyder with a 5.2-liter atmospheric V10 engine, the SL AMG draws attention with its aggressive stance despite camouflage.

There are claims that the new generation roadster will come with a soft roof instead of the existing hard folding roof and will appear with 4 seats instead of 2. The company has not yet made a statement regarding the launch. However, considering that it is still in development, it is thought that the new model will not arrive before 2022.


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