New Mechanism to Reduce the Price of Mechanical Keyboards: Cherry Viola


Cherry, a company, CES 2020 held in the United States at the exhibition of mechanical keyboards for the sale of a new mechanism to introduce cheaper. The company’s mechanism will also reduce the production cost of keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards, which have become popular thanks to the gaming market that has been rising almost 10 years ago, are still popular today. These keyboard types; not only the gaming market, but also the backbone of the high-end keyboard market in general.

It is not difficult to understand why mechanical keyboards are so popular. These keyboards offer many advantages over traditional keyboards, but they do well with the price. Here is a new type of key that emerged at CES 2020, which could be a solution to this problem.

Mechanism to pave the way for low-budget mechanical keyboards:
Today, Cherry has a large market share in the field of keyboard keys, introducing the brand new mechanical key system. The new system was developed specifically to pave the way for low-budget mechanical keyboards. The name of the system is ‘Viola’.

Cherry Viola has the potential to enable us to see cheaper mechanical keyboards in the future, a brand new key mechanism including a spring and bronze contact system. The mechanism has been developed to have a body that is compatible with most keyboard keys that are common today.

Cherry’s newly developed mechanism consists of a high precision plastic polymer housing with a total of 8 columns. The production tolerance of the mechanism is even less than 0.01 mm. Thus, the keyboard with this mechanism minimizes the wobbling of the keys and provides a better feeling.

The structure of Cherry Viola was not only developed to minimize the price. The new mechanism will make the keyboard manufacturers happy while keeping consumers happy. Together with this mechanism, there is a potential for a significant reduction in keyboard production costs.

We said a gaming keyboard, but would it be a gaming keyboard without the RGB system? Cherry used transparent plastic in its new mechanism. Thus, keyboard manufacturers will be able to produce cheap-priced RGB keyboards using SMD LEDs.

The price of the new mechanism that will allow mechanical keyboards to reach more people has not yet been announced. Despite this, the company said this mechanism could bring an end to traditional keyboards. We don’t know if this will happen, but it’s important to remember that it’s the keyboard makers who put the price on the keyboards.


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