New measure for unsafe forms from Google Chrome


Many internet users are familiar with the “closed lock” icon seen in the Google Chrome address bar just to the left of the page address. This icon means that users browse that site over the HTTPS protocol and third parties cannot see most of the information sent, thanks to the encryption of the traffic.

However, even on seemingly secure HTTPS sites, insecure HTTP forms can sometimes be found. These forms can also be used to enter passwords or other personal information. The internet giant is preparing to bring a solution to this problem with the Chrome 86 version, which will be released in October.

The blog post shared by Google on the subject also shows the steps the company will take. The internet giant will first issue big warnings to users that will appear as follows. Here, you are informed that the form is unsafe and automatic filling has been disabled.

However, if you are willing to send their information to the other party, “Are you sure?” There will be a second warning in style.

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