New Mass Effect game is already in development


BioWare confirmed, in an official note, that a new game from the renowned Mass Effect franchise is in development. Still in the initial stages of production, there is no information about release forecast, narrative or additional details, but the studio has already taken the opportunity to launch a conceptual art to leave fans anxious about the new space adventures to come.

After months of speculation about remasters of the original trilogy, BioWare has finally announced the long-awaited Legendary version of Mass Effect for the PlayStation 4, and has already tried to anticipate fans about an upcoming game in the saga. “A veteran team has been working hard to imagine the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe. We are in the early stages of the project and we cannot say anything yet, but we are eager to share our vision of what we will do next,” commented the studio .

The new game in the franchise comes with a strong responsibility to recover what was lost with Mass Effect: Andromeda, which managed to deliver a beautiful exploration, different environments and a very interesting and dynamic combat, but failed to bring characters without depth, constant falls from performance and an absurd amount of bugs, especially during the first months of release in 2017.

And, to warm up the fanbase even more, BioWare released the first conceptual art of its new project, revealing an incredible look that has a team of explorers – it is possible to identify a Salarian and a drell – and a local transport ship. Check out the image below.

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