New Mass Effect Can Be Developed On Unreal Engine 5


Mass Effect: A few months ago, rumors surfaced indicating that the next game in the Mass Effect franchise would use Unreal Engine instead of EA’s Frostbite graphics engine. Last Friday (17), Bioware producer responsible for the saga, Brenon Holmes, published a message on Twitter and apparently revealed that the next game will be developed with Unreal Engine.

“BioWare is hiring talented programmers with experience in Unreal Engine 4/5! Come, join our team and work with us on the next Mass Effect game”, said the producer in the message.

That is, this does not officially confirm that the game will use the graphics engine, however, it is another strong indication that Mass Effect 5 will be released with the engine from Epic Games. In fact, journalist Jeff Grubb said that BioWare will specifically use the Unreal Engine 5, recently demonstrated in The Matrix Awakens experiment.

The future of the new Mass Effect

It is important to note that the Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine was used in the development of the first three games in the franchise, however, BioWare decided to develop the fourth game with Frostbite from Electronic Arts.

For now, the only official information has been revealed in a post on the Mass Effect franchise’s official Twitter profile. “We have another surprise from #N7Day for you, directly from the team that is working on the next Mass Effect“, revealed the message when releasing the first poster of the game.