New Marvel’s Spider-Man gameplay: Miles Morales


The Insomniac Games title is seen in a display of action, skills and blows. Miles Morales is the great standard-bearer for the PS5 release.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the main stars of the launch of PlayStation 5 this November. The young man from Brooklyn, whose abilities go beyond the arachnid sense of Peter Parker, has been seen in a new gameplay in 4K resolution by the hand of the Game Informer medium, which previews these contents as part of its coverage.

As we can see, the possibility of being invisible for a few seconds of Miles will allow him to infiltrate environments full of enemies without being seen, which will guarantee that the stealth mechanics are more sophisticated in this installment than in the original episode of PlayStation 4. Also , your electric punch will have a high peripheral reach range to reach more characters.

The video does not contain plot spoils; We recommend not watching it in case you want to keep all the surprises of the title intact until launch.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, great protagonist in the launch of PS5

The coverage of the Game Informer medium has given much of itself. This week we also learned that Spider-Cat will be part of the adventure. At a certain point, Miles will meet this cat and, due to different circumstances, they will become friends to the point that he will accompany us on the adventure.

We have also known the resolution and graphics modes available in the game, since we can choose – in the case of PS5 – if we prefer fidelity or better performance and fluidity. In the PS4 version there will be no option, so depending on whether we have a PS4 or a PS4 Pro, the experience will be different. The Ultimate Edition version of Miles Morales will include the original remastered video game; We resolve all doubts here.

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All in all, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is finished, it’s Gold, there will be no delays. We can see the game in stores this November 12 around the world for PS4 and PS5, although to play it on PlayStation 5 we will have to wait a week, until November 19, which is when the console will go on sale in our country and the rest of Europe.


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