New map for Phasmophobia announced


New map for Phasmophobia has been announced. The game turns you into a ghost hunter and while doing this, it adds detective work to the job. Normally it was not such a famous and popular game, but it reached a large audience in a short time thanks to broadcasts on Twitch.

Phasmophobia prison map

Kinetic Games, the developer of the game, shared screenshots of the new map. It appears in the images that we are in a prison. As seen on the map, there are circular tables, wire fences, prisoners’ visiting room, and watchtowers.New map for Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia için yeni harita

The game has continued to grow in popularity since last October, and it seems that it will continue to attract players with every update to come. Kinetic Games, the first thing after the game became famous, was to correct mistakes.

It also has features that it will bring in the future. These are listed as single player mode, weather effects and more horror themes. I think adding weather events to this kind of horror game is one of the most important improvements to be made.

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