New Malware Attacks Users Of Steam, Epic And EA Platforms


Steam: Users of game platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store and EA Origin, among others, are the targets of new malware capable of stealing access credentials and more data from victims. The discovery was reported by cybersecurity company Kaspersky, on Monday (27).

Identified by company experts in March, the malicious program called BloodyStealer is being sold on dark web forums for attractive prices. Interested parties can opt for the $10 “monthly plan” (R$53 per day rate) or purchase a lifetime license for the malicious file for $40 (R$214).

The researchers claim that the Trojan has the ability to steal credit card numbers, passwords, forms and data stored in cookies, in addition to taking screenshots and other activities, relying on an “efficient anti-detection technique”. This set of extracted information can be sold on the internet and facilitate the application of scams.

Although not created exclusively to attack gaming platforms, BloodyStealer appears as one of the weapons of choice for cybercriminals interested in targets in this segment, according to the report. Attacks using the tool have already been detected in Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.


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