New macOS 10.15.4 has flaw that randomly restarts Macs


The new version of macOS Catalina (10.15.4), released to the public in late March, may be causing headaches in some users. According to reports from the internet, followed by an investigation by SoftRAID, the system has shown constant failures during the transfer of large files.

According to SoftRAID posted on their forum, they are “working with Apple engineers to help find a fix”, which could be released in version 10.5.5 of the system or, in this case, both parties can find an alternative solution.

In the SoftRAID forum, the user ‘zcutlip’ started the discussion stating that he always encounters the same problem “when dragging a folder of approximately 1 TB from an external USB volume to the RAID 5 [set]”.

“There is a serious problem with [version] 10.15.4,” SoftRAID said. According to them, “all systems are impacted by this” and it has been “difficult to copy more than 30 GB of data at once”.

Users have also used social media and forums to protest and seek solutions, as the bug not only affects file transfer, but also the quick start of the system when it returns from sleep mode.

According to publications made on Twitter, Reddit and also on the Apple forum, computers face the kernel error when they “return” this way and are forcibly restarted.

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