New Luxury SUV Vehicle of Mercedes Is On The Road


Mercedes added GLB to the GLA and GLC model SUV vehicles that it previously released. With this vehicle, it marked the premium compact class. The vehicle, which has comfortable options with many independent parts, was launched for 7 people.

This vehicle, which was offered to customers for the first time at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, attracted attention with its large volume. Mercedes GLB has a length of 4634 mm, a width of 1834 mm, a height of 1658 mm and a wheelbase of 2829 mm. Offering a luggage volume of up to 1805 liters, GLB draws its power from a turbo gasoline engine that can produce 163 horsepower.

New Design SUV

The angular design is the vehicle’s most striking feature. The headlights are designed with protrusions. The flat front hood of the GLB also belongs to the new design. Since the rear fenders are cambered outwards, a muscular appearance is formed.

Compared to the previous generation, there is a huge improvement in emissions. In addition, electronic driving supports attract attention. With electronic driving aids, driving safety has increased a lot. Radar and cameras have improved compared to the previous series. It can see the driving direction up to 500 meters among the autonomous vehicles. The steering wheel, touchpad in the center bottom console, ventilation ducts, the structure of the dashboard and the revolutionary multimedia screen of the brand, the instrument panel have received consumer approval.

Quality Material, Good Catalytic Converter, High Emission Power

Behind the Mercedes GLB, the two-piece and parallel designed stops firstly catch your attention. These taillights are similar to other Mercedes models in the compact class. The dual bumper rear bumper is designed in black, gray and body color. The view of the tailgate is perpendicular to the ground as much as possible. Its dual outlet exhaust also attracts attention in Mercedes GLB. The catalytic converter in the exhaust is also of the highest quality and is very expensive due to the PGMs in it. For this reason, there is a risk of being stolen. Parking all vehicles of the Mercedes series in the garage is the best measure in this regard. Also, after a certain lifetime, these catalytic converters can be easily replaced. Catalytic recycling plants collect these catalysts, take the platinum, palladium and rhodium in them and launch them to the market for use in the industry. Proses Makina establishes catalytic converter recycling facilities on turnkey. Due to the increasing prices of platinum, palladium and rhodium in recent years, catalytic converter recycling is among the most profitable investments.

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Safe and Sports

Inside the GLB, you notice the similarities with the B Series. The steering wheel, touchpad in the center console, ventilation channels, the structure of the dashboard and the revolutionary multimedia screen of the brand, the instrument panel are among these similarities.
It attracts the attention of young people with its sporty appearance and families with its solid and safe structure. With optional equipment preferences, it increases the options of its customers.


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