New LoL champion Samira shows us her skills and stats


League of Legends has a new champion and here we tell you about Samira, her skills and statistics

There is less than a month to go until Worlds 2020 begins, where we will know more news related to Seraphine, and before all that, Surrenderat20 leaked the skills and characteristics of the new League of Legends champion, Samira.

This new champion features what appears to be a bayonet-equipped sniper rifle, the champion’s look shows a clear warrior influence and is complemented by an eye patch, her name is Samira.

Samira has interesting base statistics from League of Legends, which we show below:

MR Base: 30
MR per level: 0.5
Base AD: 59
AD per level: 2.3
Base armor: 28
Armor per level: 3
Health per level: 88
Base Health: 600
Health regen per level: 0.11
Health Regeneration: 3.25
Attack speed per level: 3.3
Base Movement Speed: 335
Rank: 500
Mana per level: 38

Samira the new and powerful LoL champion

As for the abilities of the new champion, Samira, we can list the following:

Passive – Reckless Impulse

Samira is capable of combo hitting with unique attacks or abilities before the previous hit, each of which increases her style, from grade “E” to grade “S”, a total of 6; Additionally, Samira gains 3.5% movement for each grade.

It should also be mentioned that Samira’s attacks raise a percentage of damage and additional magic damage, which increases according to the life that the target is missing.

Samira makes attacks on enemies affected by invomilization by knocking them to the ground for 5 seconds and deals damage to them in 6 independent attacks, making a dash to her own attack range.

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Q – Instinct

Samira shoots and deals X physical damage to the first enemy, but if the ability is cast on a melee enemy, Samira attacks with her sword, dealing X physical damage.

Each hit can critically hit 25% bonus damage. If cast during E, Samira will hit her enemies while casting her and until she ends.

W – Blade turn


Samira spins for 1 second, dealing blade damage for X physical damage and destroying enemy missiles in an area.

E – Wild fever

Samira dashes toward an enemy or ally, hitting all enemies she passes through and gaining attack speed. If she kills an enemy, reset this ability.

R – Hell trigger

Samira can only use this ability if she has style rank “S”. Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her abilities, shooting all enemies 10 times over 2 seconds. Each shot deals X physical damage and applies life steal. Also, each shot can be critical.


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