New logo and features for Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger gets a new logo and new features. The application, which offers colorful chat themes, also introduces a feature called selfie stickers and a disappearance mode. The basis of these changes is the attempt to bring Facebook users together with people on Instagram.

Stan Chudnovsky, Facebook’s vice president of Messenger, said the visual change reflects the constant evolution of the journey that started as a simple way to send messages to friends on Facebook.

In the new icon of Facebook Messenger, the blue color is replaced by a gradient of blue and pink tones. The style of the new logo naturally brings to mind Instagram. Chundovsky stated that the new logo represents a shift towards the future of messaging, a more dynamic entertainment, and a more integrated way of staying connected to close contacts.

Facebook Messenger’s new themes offer a wider range of customization options. With selfie stickers, users can add icons to their photos. In the vanishing mode, chats disappear automatically. The ability to talk to Instagram users from Facebook Messenger is expected to be distributed in North America soon.

The messaging integration between Facebook Messenger and Instagram was announced last month. Although users can watch videos with their friends on Messenger for a long time, Facebook aims to strengthen this connection a little bit. The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has previously announced that the focus will shift from public platforms to more private communication.

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