New Listing from Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance!


Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, made a new announcement earlier in the day. In this announcement published on Binance’s official website, it was stated that the exchange will list a new altcoin.

Binance’s listing announcement caused a massive increase in the altcoin price. Here are the details…

Binance Lists A New Altcoin

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of market volume, released a new announcement on its official website at 4:56 am today.

According to Binance’s announcement, it was stated that the popular cryptocurrency exchange will list a new altcoin during the day today. Binance will list Highstreet (HIGH) on its platform at 10:00 am today. According to the announcement, users will be able to start trading with HIGH/BTC, HIGH/BUSD and HIGH/USDT trading pairs after 10:00.

The full announcement by Binance is as follows;

Binance will list Highstreet (HIGH) and trade for HIGH/BTC, HIGH/BUSD and HIGH/USDT trading pairs at 2021-12-17 07:00 (UTC). Users can now start depositing HIGH in preparation for trading. Withdrawals for HIGH will open at 07:00 (UTC) 2021-12-18.

Note: Withdrawal open time is an estimated time for users’ reference. Users can see the real status on the withdrawal page”

Price Up 60%

The new listing of the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance has caused a huge increase in the price of altcoins. So much so that HIGH, which was trading at $ 25 before the announcement, started a rapid increase right after the listing announcement, and the price increased by 60% to $ 40.

HIGH price then retraced a bit and settled as low as $34.

As of the time the content was written, HIGH continues to trade at $35 with a 50% increase in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap data.

What is Highstreet (HIGH)?

Highstreet creates the Shopify experience in an MMORPG for brands while also providing the ultimate metaverse experience for gamers. It offers a metaverse applicable to the real world, such as Ready Player One and Sword Art games by the team of experienced Maplestory and World of Warcraft games. HIGH is the ecosystem’s function and governance token. Also shopping and PlaytoEarn are used to purchase special NFTs for games.

Highstreet is an open world metaverse with the ability to combine shopping, gaming, NFTs, traditional and crypto brands in an MMORPG game.