New Linux Mint 20.1 brings native IPTV app


The Linux Mint 20.1 operating system is now available for download on the official distro servers. Featured, the version dubbed Ulyssa will have long-term support and will receive security updates and for basic applications by 2025.

Based on Ubuntu 20.04.1, the software brings new features and important changes with the intention of improving the user experience. For example, the Cinnamon 4.8 desktop environment is faster, more stable and consumes less RAM.

A novelty that will attract the attention of many users is Hypnotix, a new app for IPTV. In addition to playing M3U files, it offers support for live TV channels and video on demand through a free provider added to the software.

Another highlight is the Nemo file manager that allows you to mark documents, folders and programs as favorites. This function will be available for any file on the system or on removable devices (flash drives or external hard drives).

For Chromium fans, Linux Mint 20.1 now features a package dedicated to Google’s open source browser. Therefore, it will not be necessary to use Ubuntu Snap packages to use the program.

Finally, Web Apps is another novelty of the operating system. The software turns any website into a desktop program and they run in a window with their own icons.


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