New Life is Strange gets image with the next protagonist


Square Enix will reveal the next game in the Life is Strange franchise on March 18, during a live broadcast that will take place at 3:00 pm, Brasília time. The game will feature an original story and an unprecedented protagonist, who has already appeared in an official teaser released by the publisher.

On the afternoon of Friday (12), the official profile of Life is Strange published an image on social networks showing the new protagonist from the back. According to a description provided by Square Enix, the character will have a power that has not yet appeared in the game franchise.

Life is Strange is a franchise of episodic games, with a great focus on history and choices that affect the progress of the narrative. The series features two main games, featuring independent stories, and a spin-off that expands the narrative of the series’ original title.

Reading minds and emotions?

While more official details about the supposed “Life is Strange 3” are not due until the 18th, some speculation has already revealed possible details about the plot. A leak in February brought details about the game’s story and protagonist.

According to unofficial information, the game will be starring Alex, a young woman who has the power to read minds and see people’s emotions as colorful auras. The story is supposed to take place in a city in the interior of the United States, bringing an atmosphere similar to the first title of the series.

Rumors that emerged last month also point out that the new Life is Strange will be produced on Unreal Engine 4 by Deck Nine, the company responsible for the spin-off Before The Storm. If the information is confirmed, this will be the first main title of the series that will not have participation from the French studio Dontnod, which created the franchise.

Life is Strange 2, the latest game in the franchise, was released episodically between 2018 and 2019. A free demo of the game is available for download on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.


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