New life in Dubai: Anna-Maria Ferchici reveals the details!


Has much changed with Anna-Maria Ferchici (40) and her family? At the end of August, the mother of eight children confirmed what many had already guessed: She and her husband Bushido (43 years old) emigrated to Dubai with their children. The move cost Sarah Connor‘s 42-year-old sister the last of her strength – and so far everyone has managed to settle into a new house: Anna-Maria even shared some details of her daily life.

In her Instagram story, the influential woman told what languages her children speak at school: “They speak English and German. Thank God they spoke English in advance, which makes a lot of things easier for them,” she blurted out. Arabic is a compulsory subject for her offspring, which, according to mom, is important because, after all, it is the main language. There are also differences in the subject of religion, as explained by a 40-year-old man: “You can choose between ethics and Islam, but because your father is a Muslim, you have Islam.”

But what makes Anna-Maria especially happy is that her children can now enjoy more freedom. In Germany, they fell under the witness protection program because of Bushido’s past, which severely limited their gang of scoundrels. “People from LKA are trying to make our family life as good as possible. But what I really lack is spontaneity,” the brunette admitted.



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