A new lens technology allegedly used in Huawei Mate 40 series


Ming-Chi Kuo excited Huawei fans with the latest statements. According to Kuo’s comments, the company will start using “freeform lens” in the Mate 40 series. These lenses increase shooting acuity and allow finer adjustments.

Chinese technology giant Huawei recently introduced the newest flagship P40 series to consumers. Huawei made the most of the camera setup in its comments about its new phone. Because the company was using the Ultra Vision Leica camera, which was launched as one of the best in the industry in its new flagship phones. Now, the allegations reveal that Huawei will further develop these cameras.

Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the names that smartphone lovers are familiar with. This time, Kuo, who is more familiar with the accurate estimates of Apple products, made some explanations about Huawei’s new upcoming flagship series Mate 40.

According to Kuo’s claims, Huawei will use “freeform lens” in the Mate 40 series, which it plans to release in the second half of 2020. Kuo, who claims that Huawei has also received a patent for this technology, states that the Mate 40 series will provide much better performance especially in wide-angle shooting thanks to this technology. So what exactly does the freeform lens mean?

Research on free-form lenses shows that these lenses will have various curvatures. According to the information obtained, free-form lenses increase sharpness during shooting and enable more precise fine adjustment. However, it is not possible for now to say what this technology, which seems very impressive in theory, will offer in practice. With the approach of the Mate 40 series, we can expect more information about this issue to emerge.