New Layers of Fear Confirmed in Unreal Engine 5 for 2022


Layers of Fear: The Polish developer Bloober Team presented this Thursday (30) the first teaser of its next project: a new game in the Layers of Fear series.

The video uploaded to the IGN website does not provide much detail and may not even be related to the final material, but it shows a common theme in the universe of the title: a painter apparently disturbed by the past, hearing voices and being encouraged to finish a work. The release is just listed as for 2022.

The highlight so far is the use of Unreal Engine 5 as a graphics engine — it is in early access for interested companies and has already appeared in technical demonstrations and projects made by fans.

The Layers of Fear franchise is what put Bloober Team definitively on the map: the series started in 2016 and gained a sequel, Layers of Fear 2, in 2019. A VR version was also released in parallel.

Thanks to a financial incentive from the European Union, there are at least two projects of the company in development, but it is not possible to know if one of them is the new Layers of Fear. Remember that the developer has closed a “strategic partnership” with Konami, which has increased rumors that she would be working on a new chapter in the Silent Hill series.


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