New Lawsuit Shock Against ISIS Using Bitcoin


The US Justice Department accused a 25-year-old Kosovo citizen named Ardit Ferizi of data theft and money laundering. It was claimed that Ferizi used bitcoin while laundering money and continued these transactions even while he was in jail.

Ardit Ferizi was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2016 for stealing personal data of 1,300 American citizens and sending them to IS. The US judge Leonie M. Brinkema decided to shorten Ferizi’s sentence in December 2020 and decided to return him to his country on the condition of staying under control for 10 years. The Ministry of Justice made new charges against Ferizi, who was preparing to be released from prison.

He stole the information of 1,300 people

Before the 25-year-old hacker went to jail, he was the administrator of a website called Pentagon Crew. Working with a group of Albanian hackers based in Kosovo, Ferizi was hacking some sites in countries such as Israel, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine and the USA.

Ferizi, who was caught in Malaysia, admitted that he hacked an American e-commerce site in 2016 and sent the information he received from there to IS.

Befriended other prisoners in prison

Ferizi, who confessed to her crime, was sent to a prison in the state of Illinois. Ferizi was here until 2019 in contact with other prisoners such as Mahmud Abouhalima and Shawn Bridges, the Justice Department claims.

Abouhalima was sentenced to 240 years in prison for her attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. Shawn Bridges, a former secret agent, was jailed for stealing 1,600 bitcoins during the Silk Road investigation.

Continued to use bitcoin while in jail

It was determined that Ferizi, who started collaborating with other prisoners, started to use the prison’s own e-mail system. According to the Ministry of Justice’s claim, Ferizi started to use this system and send the password of his own bitcoin wallets to his relatives.

It was alleged that Ferizi’s brother in Kosovo used this password to gain access to his bitcoin wallet and converted the bitcoins in the wallet into cash. These bitcoins are thought to be illegally seized.

The route may change

Ferizi’s sentence was shortened due to the diagnosis of asthma in 2016 and the coronavirus pandemic. has been done. Ferizi, who was planned to be quarantined for 14 days, was preparing to get out of prison.

Ferizi has not yet been brought before the court, according to Krebson Security. Ferizi, whose case is expected to be heard in California, could be sentenced to a longer prison term as a result of the charges made by the Ministry of Justice.


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