New keyboard, mouse and accessories from Microsoft


Many people around the world have somehow adapted to their home work or study routine. During this period, companies continue to offer products that people believe will make their job easier. Accordingly, Microsoft introduced new accessories as well as new products of the Surface series. These accessories include a compact keyboard and a mouse.

Microsoft uses the adjectives “slim, narrow and elegant” for its new keyboard, which it calls the Designer Compact Keyboard. The keyboard, which has a battery life of two years, can switch between three devices thanks to its Bluetooth support. The keyboard’s price tag abroad will write $ 69.99.

For those who do not want a full-fledged keyboard or want to add a little more features to the Designer Compact Keyboard, Microsoft offers a small wireless numeric keypad. You will have to pay $ 24.99 for this keypad.

One of the accessories offered to make working at home more comfortable is the new mouse named “Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse”. The new mouse, which Microsoft describes as “light and durable”, has a soft thumb rest. The mouse will be sold for $ 49.99.

Microsoft announced its new wireless display adapter with 4K resolution support with the new members of its Surface series. This adapter, which will be used to project projects to the larger screen, will be sold for $ 69.99. Microsoft did not provide information about the release date of its new accessories.

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