New iPhone SE 3 2022: Date, Price, Features, Colors And Reservation


iPhone SE 3: It seems that Apple has gotten into the habit of showing us its ‘low cost’ model at the beginning of the year, while for the summer it keeps its most powerful iPhone. It happened in 2016 with the original model, it happened in 2020 and it has happened again in 2022. Only this time the waiting time has not been 4 years between model and model, but only two. This is the new iPhone SE 3 for this 2022, Apple’s next “cheap” mobile.

Same design as the 2020 SE

Once again discarding the SE model number as it was known, the 2022 iPhone SE looks directly at its 2020 predecessor again, and also moves away from the almost Phablet large display sizes by mounting a Retina HD screen of 4, 7 inches, a palpable reduction in size when compared to the latest models on the market. But it is that you look at it so closely, that at first glance it is very difficult to discern if we are facing the 2020 SE model or the 2022 SE model, because it is practically the same design: the same chassis, the same rear camera module and the same front Touch ID button -we still do not opt ​​for the design without frames or fingerprint reader under the screen.

With a compact and ‘retro’ design compared to current Apple mobiles, the SE does not have an infinite screen, but in the style of the iPhone 8 it presents a panel with very pronounced edges and something that has disappeared from the most modern iPhone: the classic button physical front. The iPhone SE brings back once again this button that houses the Touch ID technology that many fans missed.

Aluminum and glass

The iPhone SE comes with an aerospace-grade aluminum design and tough glass on the front and back – just like the iPhone 13 – and is available in three colors: Black, White and Red (Product RED).

The back glass finish has the centered Apple logo done in a seven-layer process with a matching aluminum band. It is waterproof and dustproof, with an IP67 rating for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter.

The 4.7-inch Retina HD display with True Tone adjusts white balance to ambient light for a more natural experience when reading or using your phone, and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 playback. iPhone SE uses context menus and haptic touch to perform Quick Actions. The home button is made with sapphire glass for greater resistance and to protect the sensor, and a steel ring to detect the user’s fingerprint for Touch ID, the biometric system used to:

Unlock iPhone
Manage passwords using iCloud Keychain
Sign in to apps
Authorize App Store purchases
Authorize operations with Apple Pay.