New iOS jailbreak can unlock almost all iPhones


A group of hackers has managed to develop a new jailbreak for iOS capable of unlocking almost all iPhones today. A group of programmers discovered a vulnerability in the Apple system and launched a new version of “unc0ver”, a program used to release extra access to the brand’s devices.

According to the group, the jailbreak takes advantage of a vulnerability that allows access to the system kernel, ensuring high access for the smartphone user. The tool can be used to unlock iPhones with iOS 11 up to iOS 14.3.

With this, the new jailbreak is able to unlock older devices, such as the iPhone 5s, even the new iPhone 12. It is important to note, however, that Apple is already aware of the change.

Apple fixes vulnerability

In a statement, Apple acknowledged that the CVE-2021-1782 flaw “may have been exploited” by hackers. The company did not mention the new jailbreak by name, but has already taken steps to make it impossible to use the unlocking tool.

The new version of iOS already has a fix that avoids the use of “unc0ver”. With that in mind, anyone who intends to use the tool to customize the Apple system cannot update the OS to versions released after iOS 14.3.

For those who are not a very experienced user and are interested in the tool created by hackers, the tip is to prioritize the security of your system. After all, the jailbreak will only continue to work if you give up important iOS updates, which includes not only solutions to contain viruses, but also new features for the smartphone.


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