New iOS 13 Feature Dissappointed Some Developers


As the internet and social media have become a huge sector all by itself, our concerns about our privacy on the Internet have been extended to our privacy concerns in real life. Apple, on the other hand, tried to put an end to iOS 13.

Apple, iOS 13 operating system in September last year began to offer users. One of the new features that the new operating system offers to iPhone users is a statement showing how many times certain applications have tracked users’ location in the last three days.

For example, an iPhone user said, Google Maps has used your location 120 times in the past three days. Do you want to continue to allow the location to be used in the background? ”

The Wall Street Journal reported that tens of millions of iPhone users have stopped allowing apps to track their location in the background. Location tracking in the background according to the news on the site “confirms the quality and accuracy of the location information used in proximity tracking advertisements”

Some applications are constantly monitoring the user’s location.

This feature in iOS 13 upset some developers who developed applications based on knowing the location of iOS users. Seven of these developers sent an e-mail to Apple CEO Tim Cook in August, complaining that the feature that came with iOS 13 limits the number of downloads received by their apps.

One of the applications that developers complained about was Life360. This allowed family members to track the position of each other in situations such as calling an ambulance. The other application was Tile. This application was designed to help users find their keys, electronic devices, and other portable items.

Just like these, Apple has an app that keeps track of its users: Find My. However, it is necessary to say that the company has made some torpedoes on its own application. Apple does not send notifications to users just as it does other apps for its own app.

Life360’s CEO and founder, Chris Hulls, believes Apple is not angry with the company or that Apple is not doing it for its own follow-up. “Sometimes we believe that the actions they take have unexpected consequences, Hull Hulls said in a statement. Apple spokesman said in a statement that such applications collected user information advertisers, trying to solve consumer trends sold to mutual funds, he said.

Some iPhone users complain that this notification is constantly being issued, even for applications where location is allowed. So, what do you think about it? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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