New Investment Advice From The “Crazy” Name Of The Sector!


Cyber ​​security expert John McAfee, who made himself the crypto money industry with his explanations and predictions, showed a fully anticipated movement.

In a program that he participated on April 14, McAfee made statements about both the economic crisis and the current state of cryptocurrencies. After saying that such a thing (coronavirus outbreak) did not occur in human history, McAfee stated that the whole world was almost quarantined.

Get Peanut Butter
Without an estimate of what’s going to happen, McAfee said he was in the dark about what the future would bring. Emphasizing that nobody has an opinion on this issue, McAfee emphasized that all he knows is “all fiat money will collapse”.

McAfee’s new investment recommendation surprised many:

“Buy food and water, nothing else matters. Neither I nor you nor anyone know what will happen to cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. All I know is that the world is collapsing and will definitely be destroyed. If you have enough food, this will keep you alive. So buy peanut butter, raisins and bread. You can live with them for years.

Although there is no shortage of food for now, McAfee’s peanut butter and bread investment advice can really work in the coming years.


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