New internet-friendly update of the Google Play Store


There are almost 3 million apps in the Google Play Store. However, when looking for any application on this wide application platform, it can be confusing as it offers 50 different options. Of course, the Play Store adjusts the ratings of different apps in search results. In addition, Google has many algorithms in the background to make sure that the best and popular apps are seen first. However, this new upcoming update may be mobile data-friendly.

Search results are now more detailed and clear
Google is making a small but important change in the Play Store. App searches will now show the app’s dimensions and popularity amongst the results. This update, which can be useful especially in developing countries where internet speed is moderate, gives its users access to other metrics such as download size and data such as the overall popularity of the application. In the previous version of the update, users had to look at the individual application content while browsing the application list.

With Google’s new update, it will show these metrics more clearly and easily on the search results page. Users who want to review all the other options, especially before making a decision, will save time when making application discovery.

Google may have designed the update by giving priority to certain countries
However, the fact that these download sizes are included in the application list is not valid for every country. Android users in Germany report that they don’t see any app’s download size in the Play Store search results. Here, Google is thought to do this exclusively for developing countries. In countries where mobile data is expensive, it is likely to show download sizes separately. This small change from Google will help increase usability in this context.

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This change has only been made by Google’s servers and is not yet available to users, so it may take some time to see it. Soon, Android users worldwide will have access to the update.


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