New Integrated from Phantom Wallet: What Innovations Await Users?


Phantom Wallet announced that it will integrate with the security API of the digital security service 1Password. With this partnership, Phantom aims to gather investors’ libraries and critical words together. In addition, with this update, Phantom aims to keep key addresses and security solutions together with a single save to 1Pasword operation.

Currently operating in the traditional finance sector, 1Password; It has more than 100,000 corporate clients, including well-known brands like IBM, Slack, Shopify, and Under Armor.

Confidence and Convenience

1Password’s interface aims to simplify the user experience, enable asset sovereignty, help investors manage their cryptocurrencies and NFTs held on the Solana blockchain by giving them portfolio responsibility. Thus, 1Password enters the Web3 sector, opposing the unreliability of this market and the lack of adoption potential due to its decentralization.

On the other hand, users who are bored with encrypted login and password saving processes on many social media platforms and in almost every area of ​​their lives can breathe easy with this development. In addition, digital wallet security is of great importance in the field of crypto market, and the protection of assets acquired with this integration is made possible with a single password feature.

Adoption May Increase

As the adoption of cryptocurrencies has increased, security has become one of the most important needs, and attacks in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space are also on the agenda. The arrival of solutions that can be a security measure, such as making transactions under a single password with 1Password, provides both convenience and confidence for investors. Matt O’Leary, vice president of 1Password, said:

“The addresses of crypto wallets consist of chains of very long characters, and since these addresses have a more complex structure than word indexes, their accuracy is of great importance. At this point, 1Password’s partnership with Phantom is a great example of innovation trying to meet this challenge. Our partnership on crypto wallet security was designed with a people-centered approach and the user in mind. Our goal is to invest in crypto more securely and make it easier.”

The CEO of Phantom Wallet, on the other hand, argues that for crypto and Web3 to go mainstream, people need to be confident about the security of their assets. As these and similar updates come, people’s confidence can increase even more and the popularity of crypto can rise rapidly.