New innovations with Black Ops Cold War beta


A beta will be activated for the new Call of Duty game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, active only on the PS4 platform today. As of October 17, the innovations to be provided in the beta, which will be tested on the other platform, have been introduced.

Black Ops Cold War beta comes with innovations

Various modes and maps of these modes will be waiting for us in the beta version of the game, such as VIP Escort, Combined Arms: Assault and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb. Especially in the newly added Cartel mode, you will have the opportunity to play 6v6 or 12v12. In VIP Escort mode, while taking the VIP person to a team landing area, he will try to protect him as much as possible, while the other team will try to stop them. Rebirth will be disabled in this mode. So you will need to revive your teammates.

Black Ops Cold War

In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to take a look at the ping system while testing new maps and modes. You will also be able to see the FOV Slider feature, which is very useful in Battle Royale mode, for all platforms. Although not of much importance, this feature will be open to PC users.

The game will be available for pre-order as of October 15. You can also find the video about the beta from here.


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