New initiative for mobility and energy services from Renault


Renault Group launched the Mobilize brand in order to carry out its mobility and energy services activities more focused. Mobilize, one of the four new business units created within the group; It will provide mobility, energy and data-based services to group partners and other brands through open ecosystems.

Mobilize’s target audience includes consumers who want to adopt more sustainable and shared mobility methods. The brand will also encourage sustainable energy ecosystems by responding to new needs in line with the Renault Group’s goal of creating value from a carbon neutral and circular economy.

Mobilize promises to go beyond the automobile and offer new ways of transporting passengers and cargo, with or without vehicles. It was stated that the new mobility offers offered by the brand will meet the expectations of consumers, institutions and regional authorities.

Mobilize CEO Clotilde Delbos evaluated the new brand with the following words: “We are excited to embrace the transition from ownership to shared use at any time or place in the automotive industry. Mobilize will offer wide range of innovative services in the fields of energy and data beyond automotive. Together with all our partners, our aim is to maximize the use of more sustainable and accessible vehicles for passengers and freight while reducing the environmental impact. ”

It is stated that Mobilize will have a strong competitive advantage in the mobility market it enters, benefiting from the Renault Group’s expertise in design and production and the leadership of electric vehicles. Mobilize, which will benefit from special engineering and design teams, will produce vehicles designed for the purpose. Heavy-duty, modular, robust and fully electric vehicles promise to meet the most critical needs of new mobility.

Mobilize Renault will develop advanced technology algorithms with Software Factory

Mobilized; Using Renault Software Factory, Software République and partners to develop advanced technology algorithms and data processing software, it aims to better anticipate user demand and enable more efficient vehicle allocation. Mobilize aims to increase vehicle use by at least 20 percent.

When the vehicles become unsuitable for use, they will be taken care of by the maintenance and recycling services at Renault Re-Factory. When the batteries of electric vehicles are no longer suitable for automotive use, Mobilize will recycle these batteries and give them a second life as a fixed energy source.

Renault Mobilize unveils prototype EZ-1

The EZ-1 prototype is defined as the symbolic tool of the Mobilize brand. Services are at the center of the design of the prototype, in which the brand’s design vision is embodied. EZ-1 is a new urban mobility solution designed for shared use. The EZ-1 will be commercialized in an innovative way: Users will only pay based on driving time or distance. The prototype, which also includes connected services, can be received with the keyless entry system and interacts with users via smart phones.

The EZ-1 is a compact and agile vehicle for 2 people. The 2.3 meter long architectural model means that the vehicle has a minimum footprint. Glass doors extending from top to bottom offer passengers a view of the city with a high angle of view.

The EZ-1 prototype features an innovative battery replacement system. This system, which is an alternative to conventional charging infrastructure, means that the vehicle can be used without stopping. EZ-1 is designed according to circular economy principles. Made from 50 percent recycled materials, this vehicle will be 95 percent recyclable at the end of its life, thanks to the facilities at Flins Re-Factory.


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